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Octahedron Assembly Language Demo

by Lenny Boreal
The downloadable file (bottom) contains both the assembly language source and the dot com DOS executable file.

The demo program produces a tumbling octahedron in a mere 1024 byte dot com file, while it's computing pi to about 100,000 places. The program was inspired by past-6502-Group-member Richard Willmore and some really amazing demos.

A significant effort was made to squeeze the code into 1K. Code squeezing is a symptom of "excessive cleverness" that unfortunately results in programs that are difficult to understand and modify. Sorry.

Assemble with:
tasm /m octdemo
tlink /t octdemo

TASM 3.1 is required (rather than MASM 5.10) to preserve the 1024-byte size. TASM doesn't increase the dot com file size for "dw ?" at end, whereas MASM does.
Download (10240 bytes, 9-Sept-2001)

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Last updated: 13-Feb-2004